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Company Management

Phuoc Nguyen

Product Design & Strategy
Co-Founder & CEO

Rouven Thum

Software Engineering
Co-Founder & CTO

Christian Kim

Sales & Accounting
Co-Founder & COO

Our Mission

Constantly growing masses of data have to be collected, processed, and prepared for analyses and reports in ever shorter time. However, classic solutions are often associated with high investment costs and a great dependence on IT specialists and external consultants.

We are a young, dynamic company that was founded with the idea of simplifying everyday work with data and making data transformation as accessible as possible to medium-sized and small businesses.

We believe that the ability to structure data efficiently does not just belong in the hands of a few data experts, but must be available to all employees of a company. As provider and consultants for business intelligence software, we are convinced of this!

Our Story

We are an interdisciplinary team with expertise in data analytics, software development and auditing. Prior to founding Bion, we worked with various publicly traded and mid-sized companies and found that data preparation represented a major "pain point" for many companies.

Solving this problem posed a major challenges for most companies, since expertise and resources were limited. Therefore, the know-how and the implementation of such projects, was often "purchased" from external IT-consultants.

We have accompanied many projects and have developed individual solutions, which have led to a significant increase in efficiency for our clients. We have used these experience to develop a innovative software-as-a-service solution, perfectly tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized companies.

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