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Join our Free Beta-Phase!

You have been showing a great deal of interest in our platform, and we are extremely happy about that. We cannot wait to see the launch of our platform, and we want to make sure that when our platform is launched, it will operate with the best user experience possible!

For this reason, we will test our platform with selected partners. The goal during the 6 months beta-phase is to challenge and improve the robustness and performance of our solution.

This is where we need your help! If you are interested in our solution and want to help us improve, you have the opportunity to become one of our selected partners to test our solution.

Your benefits as a beta tester will be:

·        Access to all features of Bion
·        Consulting & training 
·        Implementation of use-cases
·        Exchange of knowhow and best practices

All services will be provided free of charge during the beta phase. If you are interested in our solution and want to become one of our partners,  please schedule a call with us. We hope to have you onbard soon!

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