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Enable your teams with a simple and powerful end-to-end solution to easily collect, prepare and distribute company data.

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How does it work?

Seamlessly connect, transform and share your data
in three simple steps!

Extract your data from any file, database, or application in one single place.

Benefit from one central and consistent data pool for all authorized employees of your organization. No more conflicted versions, outdated data, or lost spreadsheets!

Simplify your data preparation process by building powerful workflows

We follow a No-Code approach to enable everyone, regardless of their IT knowledge, to perform complex data transformations on their own.

Instantly create and distribute clean data within your organization at the push of a button

Plan recurring data preparation tasks with our scheduler to ensure, that clean data is available for your analyses whenever needed.

Why Bion?

Say goodbye to repetitive and manual tasks Put Bion to work and save time!

Data Connectors

Easily connect different data sources to your central cloud by using standardized connectors.

Cloud Data Pool

Get rid of data silos and give all authorized employees easy access to one single point of truth.

Full Historization

Obtain full transparency over your data processes through full documentation of all steps.

Data Marketplace

Our Data Marketplace provides a wide, ever-growing selection of datasets across different domains.

Workflow Designer

Build complex workflows by combining ready-to-use nodes, simply via Drag&Drop (No-Code).


Orchestrate and plan all actions in advance and execute them whenever needed.

Product Features

The all-in-one solution for small and medium sized enterprises.
We provide all necessary features to cover your entire end-to-end data preparation process!

Quick & Easy Data Integration

Bring all your data together via our connectors and ensure a single point of truth throughout your organisation.

If you are looking for additional data, our Data Marketplace is the right place for you! We provide a wide, ever-growing selection of datasets on diverse domains such as economy, finance and many more. Easily integrate external data in our process.

Build powerful workflows to prepare your data

The Workflow Designer offers a great experience in data preparation.
A visual and intuitive interface enables you to perform complex data transformations without any SQL or coding knowledge.
Start your data preparation right away, with no set up time or prior experience! 

Basic Nodes

Individual data preparation tasks are represented by nodes. Basic Nodes can perform all sorts of data preparation tasks such as  transforming and shaping data.

We provide a large number of ready-made basic nodes to make basic data transformations as simple as possible. 

Themed Nodes

Themed nodes are designed to target domain specific data transformations related to finance, science, geography and many more.

We are continually expanding and improving our selection of themed nodes to make working with data convenient as possible for our users.  On request, we can deliver customized nodes tailored to your problem.

Schedule all your actions in advance and execute them automatically at your desired times

Don’t waste time thinking about tedious data preparation work!
Set up your workflows, plan all your tasks in advance and let the scheduler do the rest.

Create Actions

Create actions (extract & run) and define the order in which they should be executed.

Set Trigger

Define individual triggers by creating hourly, daily, weekly or monthly frequencies.

Get Notified

Notify your teams that a schedule has been executed and prepared data is available for retrieval.

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