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Bion is the easiest no-code data automation platform for finance-teams. Spend less time preparing your data and more time analyzing it!

<p style="font-size: 50px; line-height: 60px"><b>Finance Automation 
made easy!</b></p> <p style="font-size: 23px; line-height: 35px">Bion is the easiest no-code data automation platform for finance-teams. Spend less time preparing your data and more time analyzing it!</p>

Streamline your data processes

Do you spend a lot of time manually preparing data for reports and analyses? Then we've got the right solution for you. In just a few clicks, you can automate tedious data preparation and save time and stress.

Gain more time for essential tasks....

Set up your workflow once, and you'll never have to prepare your data manually again.

Automation of routine tasks

Get rid of manual and repetitive work and create capacity for the important stuff.

Efficient data processing

You can manage all your data in one place, so you can provide clean, consistent data for reports and analyses.

Reduction of manual errors

Automating processes helps you minimize manual errors caused by fatigue, lack of standardization, and lack of time.

Why Bion?

Our no-code solution is the easiest way for CFOs & Controllers to automate their data processes.

Rapid deployment

You can get started with Bion within 24 hours - without any extra hardware or high implementation fees.


Enter the world of data automation at an unbeatable price - and without risk.


Thanks to our no-code approach, the solution is intuitive and easy to use for everyone.


The highest security and data protection standards are guaranteed on German servers.

Fair and transparent pricing

For single-user or teams

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For single-users who want to automate simple data processes.
    • 1 User
    • 1 Workflow
    • Standard Transformations
    • Email Support
    • Basic Onboarding
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For single-users who need the full power of the Bion automation platform.
    • 1 User
    • 5 Workflows
    • All Transformations
    • Priority E-Mail Support
    • Concierge Onboarding
    • 5 Automations
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Für Teams, die kollaborativ Datenprozesse automatisieren und verwalten möchten.
    • Unbegrenzte Nutzer
    • Unbegrenzte Workflows
    • Custom Transformationen
    • Priority Email & Chat
    • Concierge Onboarding
    • Unbegrenzte Automations
    • User & Rollenmanagement
    • Custom Branding
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Get to know our solution! In 30 minutes, we’ll guide you through our solution and evaluate the potential benefits for your company.

Frequently asked questions

How does the pricing work?

Bion's pricing is simple and transparent. We offer a subscription model with 3 different "subscriptions" that are billed annually. Depending on the subscription, you have a limit on the number of workflows you can save and the amount of data used. Furthermore, there are differences in the features and the service and support offered. Our team will be happy to help you assess your needs.

How long is the contract period?

Currently we only offer the annual payment. The contract period is 12 months and can be terminated three months before expiration. Otherwise, the contract is extended for another 12 months.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Yes, you can change your subscription at any time. If you switch to a higher subscription within the annual term, we will charge you the difference between the prepayment already made and the new price until the end of the term (day-by-day billing). If you switch to a lower subscription during the year, you will not be entitled to a (pro-rata) refund of the prepayment already made.

Are there additional costs for onboarding & support?

No, there are no additional costs for the Starter and Professional Subscription. We always offer a personalized demo and onboarding for free. In addition, support is included with all subscriptions. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Do I need IT/programming knowledge to operate Bion?

No, Bion is a 100% no-code platform for "non-techies", and thus usable without IT or programming knowledge. All transformations can be easily and quickly configured via our pre-built workflow nodes.

Where is Bion hosted and where is my data stored?

The Bion Automation platform is operated exclusively on German servers of the Telekom Cloud. The Telekom Cloud infrastructure fully complies with the strict requirements of the GDPR and ensures transparent compliance with the highest security and data protection specifications.

What are custom connectors / workflow nodes?

Bion offers a wide range of connectors and workflow nodes out of the box. Nevertheless, it may of course be that you need data sources or workflow nodes for your use case that are not currently offered. In these cases, please feel free to contact our IT support ( In most cases, we can provide you with your custom connector or node within a few weeks.

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