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  • A smart and simple way to data
  • A smart and simple way to data
  • A smart and simple way to data
  • A smart and simple way to data
  • A smart and simple way to data
  • A smart and simple way to data

A smart and simple way to data

A user-friendly and powerful SaaS solution to boost your entire data preparation process! Clean and consistent data - from anywhere, at any time!

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Accessible, Intuitive & Lean

Cut the time needed to extract, clean, and automate your data by up to 90% with Bion. No code necessary.

Easily connect different data sources to your central cloud datapoool by using standardized data connectors.

Dissolve data silos and give all authorized employees easy access to a central and consistent database. 

Get complete transparency over your data processes through full historization from the connection, to the distribution of data.

Our Data Marketplace provides a wide, ever-growing selection of datasets on diverse topics.

Build complex workflows by combining ready-to-use nodes simply via drag&drop (No-Code).

Orchestration and plan all actions in advance and execute them whenever needed.

Trusted by small and medium sized companies all across europe!

1. Connect

We offer a wide variety of ready-made data connectors that makes connecting data simple as ever.

100+ ready-made data connectors
Central cloud datapool
Integrated data marketplace

2. Transform

Use our intuitive, visual workflow designer with a wide range of  functions to shape your data as desired.

No-Code workflow designer
Ready-to-use nodes
Dataflow automation

3. Automate & Share

Create analysis-ready data at the push of a button or use our  scheduler to trigger your data preparation process at your desired date. 

Task scheduler
Variety of data destinations
Direct integrations

Your Benefits

Put Bion to work and reduce time wasted on repetitive and manual work now!

Save Time

Save time by automating repetitive and manual tasks. What once took hours now takes minutes!

Preserve Knowledge

Protect valuable process knowledge by centrally managing all your data processes.

Decision Making

Make faster and better business decisions based on a clean and consistent data basis. 

Quick & Easy Data Integration Quick & Easy Data Integration

Quick & Easy Data Integration

Connect all your data sources in minutes. We provide over 100 connectors for flat files, ERP, databases and APIs. Something missing? We'll build it!

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