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Get ready for your data-driven future

The digital transformation is changing business processes in all branches. Increasing amounts of data have to be gathered, evaluated and analysed in shorter periods of time. Adapting to this change represents a considerable challenge for many companies.

We help you master these challenges! By providing an all-round service we enable you to focus on your core tasks instead of being occupied by tedious and time-consuming data preparation work. Benefit from our expertise and let us help you get the maximum out of your data!

How does it work?

We take care of the data preparation, you get straight into the analysis!

Upload your raw data

Simply upload your raw data to a secured dataroom of your choice

Wir transform, validate...

Our workflows will automatically prepare, enrich and validate your data according to your requirements

...and provide clean data

The prepared data will be submitted to your relevant staff on a regular basis.

The advantages

We enable your team to focus on the real value adding tasks: Analyzing the data, instead of spending time in cleaning it.​

Data preparation requires an extremely high input of resources! On average, data merging and preparation takes more than 80 percent of the time. On average, 8 out of 10 hours are lost to non-value-added work!

Our managed services free up capacities so that your employees can focus on the jobs they were hired for!

We offer the technology, knowledge and experience of an entire team of data professionals at a flat monthly rate.

By outsourcing your initiatives,  you will not only receive a fitting solution to your problem, but also save costs for consulting, software licensing and training.

Benefit from our experience! Arrange a no-obligation 30 minute web call with our data experts to discuss your challenges and requirements.

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