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Use Case - Project Management

„Creating budget reports is essential and important, but it is not the most exciting part of a project. During stressfull project phases, those works consume time that we don‘t have.“

-Project Manager-


The Challenge

The company provides finance consulting services with many projects. In order to manage invoices and their available budgets every chargeable service hour needs to be documented and reported to their clients on regular basis.

Since projects differ from each other, managing budgets and invoices often follows different procedures on how to present budget reporting (per team member, working streams or deliverable etc.). Thus, chargeable hours from each team member were collected and aggregated manually by the responsible project manager for each project individually.

Since their projects became more complex over the course of time, updating a single budget report might occupy a whole day resulting in additional hours which are not chargeable to clients. Meaning that providing high quality budget reports negatively affected their project profitability.


The implementation of Bion enabled our customer to aggregate all relevant data centrally, automate all data preparation tasks according to the reporting requirements and provide data ready for analysis with PowerBI.

Tools used before

With the implementation of an automated data-driven process, budget report quality increases while decreasing time spent on preparation, resulting in higher project profitability and client satisfaction.

Tools used after

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