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Use Case - Group Controlling

„In order to report to the group in time, we had to do it all manually, but we instantly knew that we needed some long-term solution.“

-Head of Finance-


The Challenge

Dental-Group consists of 5 subsidiaries that produces and sells dental products worldwide.

After being acquired by a larger company, new controlling and reporting requirements were introduced by the group. The current team had difficulties to extract and prepare  data for reporting purposes as the data from ERP-systems were heterogeneous, incomplete and contaminated. To meet group requirements, controlling reports were created manually via Excel.  However, due to limited staff resources, the team managed to prepare reportings for only 2 out of 5 companies.  

Meeting all requirements was difficult while trying to implement a robust controlling process within the new group environment.
Overall, the adoption to the new reporting requirements progressed slowly due to lack of data quality and manpower.

Implementation of Bion enabled Dental-Group to extract data from relevant ERP systems and databases, automate all data preparation tasks according to the reporting requirements and provide data ready for analysis with PowerBI.

Tools used before

The Bion and PowerBI data stack implementation reduced the total time spent on data collection from 12 hours to less than 1 hour per month. As a result of minimized preparation time, high quality reportings can now be created for all 5 subsidiaries with little effort.

Tools used after

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