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Use Case - Contract Management

„We spent around 5 additional hours each week just to check and copy data from one spreadsheet to another. Now i just run my workflow to get my data ready.“


The Challenge

Carfleet AG is a car rental enterprise that manages car fleets and rents them out to business and private customers. With over 10.000 active lease contracts to monitor and update on a weekly basis, gaining daily access to up-to-date data was a problem, due to the circumstance contracts are agreed on flexible terms. So customers can cancel, extend or upgrade their contract on short notice. In order to keep track on all changes an Excel file is exported and each contract is validated individually if a change has occured or not.

Due to increasing numbers of contracts the employees struggle to keep up with increasing data. Thus, he and his colleagues had to invest additional hours, just to validate contract changes before they could start with their actual work.

The implementation of Bion enabled our customer to mangage their contract data in one central place,  automate all data preparation tasks and provide clean data for analysis with Tableau.

Tools used before

Excel Adapter

Thanks to the centralized and automated preparation of contract data, all contract changes could be recorded, validated and analyzed immediately. The elimination of manual work steps also significantly reduced the workload of the team and the potential for manual errors.

Tools used after

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